About Us

SHARK golf products are all about providing golfers with advanced performance at a great price. Oh, and we want you to look as good as Greg Norman when you are out there!
SHARK golf products are inspired by Greg Norman. One of the most successful, charismatic and recognisable figures in the history of golf.
·         No 1 for over 5 years running
·         86 international titles
·         Innovative on and off the golf course.
SHARK has been developed with all your golfing needs in mind
·         Balls that BITE
·         Gloves that GRIP
·         Clubs, Bags and Buggies that you can ATTACK THE COURSE with.
The SHARK products are designed and developed exclusively by Sporte Leisure Australia, who have been the leading golf apparel brand for many years. Since commencing in 1991, Sporte Leisure has remained committed to supplying quality and value for money in everything we do.  We work closely with our customers to enhance their product offering and their brand, through the use of our company owned and operated embroidery and printing facility.  
We brought this philosophy to SHARK and have the ability to add custom branding to golf bags, golf balls, golf gloves and accessories.
Attack the Course with SHARK!